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HL: Jackalyn by Captain-Coffee HL: Jackalyn :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 3 0
No Rest for the Weary (RP)
It was the first time during their time travel adventures that Chase felt afraid. Something about this era was wrong. The city was choking him, and the townspeople never stopped. It reminded him too much of his time spent at the university. But in this world, he couldn't escape to ranching, for all his ranch Pokemon were in the distant future. He was glad to have sir Caliburn as a companion through it all. The Riolu found himself restlessly pacing towards the outskirts of town without a purpose or destination in mind. WatermelonMudkip
Audie was tired. No, actually, she was beyond tired. She missed home. She missed her birds, her house, her friends, her- huh? Oh, look, there was Chase. A fleeting moment of joy, or something close to it anyway, would flash through her as she looked down from her perch up in the tree at the edge of town. "Hey Chase!" She called down, struggling for a moment before finally pushing herself up into a sitting position. "Long... long time no see. How're you t
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Ancient Eye by Captain-Coffee Ancient Eye :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 12 3 Medieval Misadventure by Captain-Coffee Medieval Misadventure :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 8 4
Log Date 6 15 17
It’s finally the weekend, which means serious fishing time. The Pokémon here are too smart for my fish traps so I’m doing it the old-fashioned way… With some minor upgrades, that is. All my training has led up to this. My Super Ultra Mega Rods are completely and utterly inescapable. The line is invisible. The hook is imperceptible. The rod is indestructible, and I am indomitable.
The fishing experience is really made by having time alone with your thoughts, so I thought I’d live blog it today and keep a record of what goes on in my head when it’s quiet and I have no one else to talk to but myself. My melodious voice will lure in every last fish in the river. I’ll have enough for a fish fry by noon!
Okay, so I just got to the dock. Got my rods, got my tackle and the bait. It was actually a lot to carry. Maybe that’s why I always see people walking around with tons of Pokémon all the time. Make them do the work, amiright? Actually,
:iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 0 0
Catch 'em by Captain-Coffee Catch 'em :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 16 2
Log Date 6 7 17
Day two of my fishing escapade, and boy was it a doozy. Let me spin you a manly yarn recounting my trials with the little water beastie. I dragged my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn (har har) to check my fish traps. To my dismay, I found my first contraption completely mangled! Beaten to a pulp! Well, no big deal, right? They’re easy enough to make, I can replace it in no time flat. What I’m more concerned about is what the heck happened here. Did the fish get caught inside and cause such a fuss it managed to break the frame? Did another Pokemon help free it? Or did some watersucker with a vengeance come by and destroy it for giggles?
Lucky for me, there was one way to find out! This was the exact reason I set up my underwater cams. The truth would soon be revealed… OR SO I THOUGHT. When I reached into the water to retrieve my device, I discovered it was gone! Those fish are messing with the wrong nerd. Now it’s personal. Now it’s WAR.
I headed to my
:iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 1 1
Log Date 6 4 17
The annual Fishing Contest was announced on the town bulletin board. It’s freshwater, which is perfect ‘cause I ain’t got a boat. Whoever catches the biggest watersucker will be given the title of Pro Angler and a nice chunk of cash. Yeah, I’m in it for the money, but I think it’ll be nice to relive my childhood fishing in the river during summer break. It’s been a while since I went out and listened to the frogs sing and watched the fireflies. Too bad it’s so hot and humid out here, or I might be tempted to leave my bunker more often.
Apparently there’s also a Cover Fossil in it for the first place winner. I heard there’s a fossil resurrection lab on one of the neighboring islands, so that might be cool I guess. Turtles are chill bros. I wouldn’t mind having a chill turtle roommate.
Back in the day I would make fish traps out of parts from the junkyard. I also found an old rod one time that I was able to fix up real nice. I u
:iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 0 3
Bad Idea #1 by Captain-Coffee Bad Idea #1 :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 4 1 Cuteness Overload by Captain-Coffee Cuteness Overload :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 10 2 Racing Stripes (4) by Captain-Coffee Racing Stripes (4) :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 3 1 Racing Stripes (3) by Captain-Coffee Racing Stripes (3) :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 6 3 Racing Stripes (2) by Captain-Coffee Racing Stripes (2) :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 4 2 Racing Stripes by Captain-Coffee Racing Stripes :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 4 1 Adventures of Chase and Maximus - 6 by Captain-Coffee Adventures of Chase and Maximus - 6 :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 2 2 Adventures of Chase and Maximus - 5 by Captain-Coffee Adventures of Chase and Maximus - 5 :iconcaptain-coffee:Captain-Coffee 2 0


Wheeeeeeee by Yoai Wheeeeeeee :iconyoai:Yoai 446 10 HL-DOODLEdump1 by ilovedarkhegehogs14 HL-DOODLEdump1 :iconilovedarkhegehogs14:ilovedarkhegehogs14 9 3 707 by Yoai 707 :iconyoai:Yoai 611 44 Flower Cyndaquil by Ailinn-Lein Flower Cyndaquil :iconailinn-lein:Ailinn-Lein 1,278 126 HL: Whatever Works by Goaterz HL: Whatever Works :icongoaterz:Goaterz 8 4 Happy Birthday WatermelonMudkip! by Dragonqueen101 Happy Birthday WatermelonMudkip! :icondragonqueen101:Dragonqueen101 5 2 [CLOSED] Animated Adopt Auction - Super Fly Girls by ElfSama [CLOSED] Animated Adopt Auction - Super Fly Girls :iconelfsama:ElfSama 30 5 room by noaqh room :iconnoaqh:noaqh 720 18 HLT: Casual Flygon by LadyIidako HLT: Casual Flygon :iconladyiidako:LadyIidako 3 0 Thief! I Can Smell You... Collab by SheikahThalassa Thief! I Can Smell You... Collab :iconsheikahthalassa:SheikahThalassa 11 8 Bottled: Whisker Shrimp by emmalazauski Bottled: Whisker Shrimp :iconemmalazauski:emmalazauski 210 8 HLT - Old Times by birdmir HLT - Old Times :iconbirdmir:birdmir 9 8 HLT: Comfey Caverns by redflamekitty44 HLT: Comfey Caverns :iconredflamekitty44:redflamekitty44 15 5 HLT: Fishing? [Fishing Comp] by OtaPotato HLT: Fishing? [Fishing Comp] :iconotapotato:OtaPotato 5 0 HL - Mel Makes Bad Choices I by Deegcakes HL - Mel Makes Bad Choices I :icondeegcakes:Deegcakes 1 1 HL :: Pride by Pyracanthii HL :: Pride :iconpyracanthii:Pyracanthii 14 4


HL: Jackalyn

Name: Jackalyn Langerman

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Pumpkaboo

Height: 5’2

Bodystyle: Pear

Birthday: January 19th

Home Island: Mystery Isle



Jackalyn is a meek, timorous young woman who takes solace in the quiet moments of life. Quiet in both demeanor and voice, she easily disappears in a crowd and may go unnoticed even if she is the only one around. She does not typically seek out interaction with others, but will not shy away if she is approached gently enough; Jackalyn enjoys quiet, intimate conversation. Surprisingly, she can become quite loud when talking to herself if she thinks no one can hear her.

While she is driven to make a living for herself, Jackalyn can be a defeatist and is quick to give up when things go wrong. Her anxieties often get the better of her and she can spend weeks at a time worrying about little things. Jackalyn also has fierce morals and will not waver on anything she truly believes in – especially that there is good in everyone.


Jackalyn was born in a small, religious community to a couple excited to grow their family. Their little girl was perfect in every way, and the village was delighted by the newborn. She was just as lovely as her elder sister! Day after day, she was fawned over by everyone who could spare a moment to visit, showered with dresses and dolls and gifts of all descriptions.

It wasn’t long before Jackalyn’s totem began to set in. Her baby teeth had just begun to grow, but two of them surpassed the others until they poked out of her plump lips; her eyes, once a clear blue, began to blink stunning yellow; her head sprouted a thick, curly stem, and her soft, round forehead blossomed two tiny little points. Pumpkaboo! She would toddle around, shrieking the first word she had learned to anyone who would listen, giggling without a care in the world. She was the first child to be born in the village with a ghost type totem.

That was when the villagers stopped coming.

Soon enough, their family would continue to grow. Jackalyn was quickly forgotten with the birth of her siblings and the other new additions within the community. Since her older sister had recently moved out, she became the eldest child in the household and vowed to become a good role model. She learned to cook, clean, and work on the farm. Their family was full of happiness.

As the years went on, Jackalyn began to notice some strange things. Her younger siblings were always playing with the neighborhood kids in the fields and the schoolyard, but whenever she went out, the parents would scoop up their children and rush them inside. When she went into town to run errands, she was met with a coldness unlike the warmth and kindness other children received. When people looked at her, they seemed only to see the horns on her head and the glow from her eyes. She began to sink into herself, wondering why she couldn’t have a Normal-type totem like her siblings. Luckily, she had all the love and support of her family, and the kindly pastor who did not let the other residents sway his opinion of her.

And so Jackalyn tried to live her life normally, devoting herself to her siblings, her studies, and the farm. Her family assured her that there was nothing wrong with her, and began to distance themselves from the community that had shunned their daughter. Then one day, Jackalyn made her first friend.

She met him in the forest on the outskirts of town. She would go there every so often to briefly escape her responsibilities and enjoy a moment to herself, away from the prying eyes of the villagers. But one day she became aware that she wasn’t alone. Peering at her from behind the trees was a man she had never seen. Although he was older and larger than her, he had the demeanor of a lost puppy and seemed more scared of her than she was of him. Most notably, he could not speak due to a large yellow X over his mouth.

Miraculously, the two outsiders took to one another and Jackalyn began visiting him every day before he mysteriously drifted off each night. He would show her his favorite places around the forest, and she finally had someone she could confide her thoughts in. She didn’t tell her family where she was running off to every day, delighted by the secret of having a friend all to herself, but they noticed the positive change in her mood and were happy for her. Eventually, she decided to reveal her secret to the pastor, whom she trusted above all else. It was he who told her the truth about her mysterious friend.

His name was Abel, and he died 29 years ago in an… unfortunate accident. The villagers did not acknowledge Abel’s existence, refusing to believe that the man’s spirit could persist after death. Lonely and unable to move on, Abel had kept to himself all this time, until he met Jackalyn. The pastor was happy that the two found peace and companionship in each other.

The revelation was difficult for Jackalyn. Although she had suspected there was something irregular about her friend, it was hard for her to accept that he was not flesh and blood – that there would forever be a distance between them that could not be bridged. She decided to enjoy his company for as long as time would allow.

One day, one of the local children spotted Jackalyn with the ethereal man. In less than an afternoon, the whole town knew about their secret friendship. The whispers about Jackalyn grew louder and louder. Their suspicions were confirmed - she was a child of the devil who would only bring evil upon the town. Her parents were feverish. They loved their daughter and hated to see her go through such horrible disparagement. Fearing for her safety, they decided it was best if she left the village. The next morning, Jackalyn was sent to live with her sister.

Judith had long ago outgrown the humble village where she was born and escaped to Jubilife City. She was struggling to make ends meet, but loving every moment, working odd jobs while trying to get her band off the ground. There wasn’t much room in her tiny uptown apartment, but she was delighted to have Jackalyn there.

When she stepped off the boat at Jubilife port, she was immediately overwhelmed by the size of the buildings and the sheer number of people. However, more surprising was the fact that Abel had stowed away on the ship and followed her to her new home! She was worried that he would complicate things for her sister, but she couldn’t just leave him, so she begged Judith to take him in. Luckily, his incorporeal form did not require any human comforts, and he lived quite happily in the shadows with his one and only friend close by.

Meanwhile, Jackalyn was struggling to adapt to her new environment. She didn’t know how to interact with anyone outside of her family and her one friend who could not even respond. Afraid of the world around her, the Pumpkaboo remained hidden within the apartment until one day, Judith invited her to one of her band’s concerts. That night became a defining moment in Jackalyn’s life. The music pulsing through her and the energy of the crowd sparked a feeling she’d never experienced. This gave her the confidence she needed to branch out of her comfort zone and meet people.

By going to concerts, shopping for music, and exploring her new town, Jackalyn was able to meet some new friends. She finally had the normal life she had always dreamed of, but she was worried about her future. She was 17 and didn’t have any work experience or career goals. Judith wouldn’t be able to support her for much longer if she didn’t start pulling her own weight. After being turned away from job after job, Jackalyn was finally hired to wait tables and bus dishes at a small family diner.

Eventually the novelty of the city wore off, and Jackalyn was consumed with homesickness. She yearned for the simple life surrounded by her family, the peaceful forest, and the farm. Seeing how unhappy she was, one of her friends advised her to get out of Jubilife and find somewhere with a quieter vibe. There was a small farming community on an island where a friend of hers lived, and she was certain Jackalyn would fit right in! With her knowledge and experience from working on the family farm, she could make a new life for herself as a farmer.

Jackalyn was excited at the prospect of making her own choices and becoming independent. She contacted her parents, who used the rest of their savings to buy her a plot of land on the distant island of Raccolto. Saying goodbye to her sister and new friends, she and Abel set off towards a bright future.


Ability: Frisk

    Jackalyn has a knack for finding lost items and always knows if you’re hiding something in your pockets.


    ·       Trick

    ·       Shadow Sneak

    ·       Leech Seed

    ·       Confuse Ray

Job: Farmer

    Luminous Fields

Dog/Cat: Rockruff
    Bandit - M


    ·       Very good with children and can calm even the wildest tantrums

    ·       Can float up to three feet off the ground to reach high places

    ·       Knows how to care ailments using wild herbs and household remedies

    ·       Plays the keyboard and can learn songs by ear

    ·       Is an excellent cook


    ·       Jackalyn is a Small Size Pumpkaboo

    ·       Becomes restless at night and often has trouble sleeping

    ·       Secretly hates Halloween

    ·       Loves caring for injured or “misunderstood” Pokemon

    ·       Blasts rock music from her headphones whenever she goes out

    ·       Talking to herself became a habit after she met Abel

    ·       Sends all her extra money to her family rather than spending it on frivolities

    ·       Has an affinity for classic literature

    ·       Is a hopeless romantic and dreams of having a family of her own

    ·       Was supposed to be a Rowlet but her design didn’t click until I drew her as a Pumpkaboo

It was the first time during their time travel adventures that Chase felt afraid. Something about this era was wrong. The city was choking him, and the townspeople never stopped. It reminded him too much of his time spent at the university. But in this world, he couldn't escape to ranching, for all his ranch Pokemon were in the distant future. He was glad to have sir Caliburn as a companion through it all. The Riolu found himself restlessly pacing towards the outskirts of town without a purpose or destination in mind. WatermelonMudkip

Audie was tired. No, actually, she was beyond tired. She missed home. She missed her birds, her house, her friends, her- huh? Oh, look, there was Chase. A fleeting moment of joy, or something close to it anyway, would flash through her as she looked down from her perch up in the tree at the edge of town. "Hey Chase!" She called down, struggling for a moment before finally pushing herself up into a sitting position. "Long... long time no see. How're you takin' the whole 'time travel' thing?" Captain-Coffee

Chase was surprised yet again but the sudden appearance of his redheaded friend when he was least expecting it. His mood instantly brightened at the familiar face. "Audie! I have not seen thee since the Stone Age!" Under normal circumstances that might have been a mirthful overstatement, but the truth in his statement made his head spin even more. "Ah, yes, we have found ourselves in yet another era... and I found myself needing a distraction," he admitted. The knight began to scale the tree with Caliburn holding tightly onto his cloak, joining her on the branch. "Perhaps I should look up more often," he said with a smile. "I should know by now that I can always find you up above somewhere." WatermelonMudkip

She had barely batted an eye as he began scaling the tree to join her, confident in the branch's ability to hold the weight of both of them. It was her napping branch, after all. Smiling weakly, she would run a hand through her, now short, red locks as Chase settled himself next to her. "Y-yeah, I guess..." Audie looked away, scooching slightly closer to the trunk of the tree, or at least as close as she could get. She knew she needed the comfort right now, but she didn't yet feel comfortable enough asking for it. "Who's this lil' fellow?" Audie asked instead, reaching a hand out to pet the Ralts gently before thinking better of it. Not now. Maybe when things returned to normal... or still never, didn't want to overload the poor thing. Captain-Coffee(edited)

Now that he was closer, Chase noticed Audie's usual ponytail was nowhere to be found, her hair cut short. "Oh, you have acquired a new hairstyle! It looks quite comfortable and easy to manage." The Ralts, of course, could feel the emotion coming from Audie even if Chase did not. He crawled over to her even after the hand was retracted and nestled against her with his head resting on her arm. "This is my young squire, sir Caliburn. He was placed in my care when a friend of mine moved away. He seems to have come along for this adventure. Did any of thine Pokemon companions accompany thee?" WatermelonMudkip

The Ralts crawling up to her himself was quite unexpected, and Audie couldn't think fast enough what she should do before he was already nuzzling her hand. "Yeah, I didn't want to wear one of those silly puffy dresses, so I... I cut it off." She tried to smile down at the Ralts, and with her failure she simply pulled the Ralts onto her lap, giving the Pokémon a gentle hug. It was greatly appreciated by the Yanma, not that she'd ever admit it. "And yeah, my Ponyta came along too, Henry. He's... he's somewhere." She brought her gaze back up to Chase, offering him a small smile before looking back to the ground. Captain-Coffee

"I see. Indeed, those garments appear to be quite bothersome. Some of the ladies I saw today were incapable of so much as sitting in their dresses!" That didn't suit Audie at all. Chase was glad to see her taking to Caliburn so well - the Ralts had a way of knowing what people needed. He glanced around, looking for any sign of the Ponyta from their perch in the tree. If he was anywhere nearby, they would surely see the glow from his flames in the dark of the night, but Chase saw no trace. "I shall help search for your steed if you wish," he offered, but he already suspected that she wasn't too concerned about her horse right now. WatermelonMudkip

The dragonfly lifted her head slightly, but shook her head before looking back down. "No, he'll be fine. He... he can, he can find his way back... j-just fine..." It was blatantly obvious that Audie was distracted. "I... I ain't too worried 'bout Henry..." Her nightmares had been getting so much worse lately, and with all the bad experiences she had had with people lately- Audie looked up, suddenly and acutely aware of the fact that she was crying. "I-I miss home, Chase. I miss my birds, and my home, and my bed- I wanna g-go home!" Captain-Coffee

Chase was struck with the realization that Audie had begun to cry. Caliburn squeezed into her, trying to provide some comfort, and the Riolu realized he should follow his example. But he was incapable of doing much of anything while up in a tree without risk of falling, so he leaped to the ground and outstretched his arms to Audie. The gesture was not a preparation to catch her - she could get down from the tree with no trouble - but more of an invitation to join him. He didn't want her staying in that tree alone all night. WatermelonMudkip

The warmth of Chase leaving her side did not go unnoticed, and perhaps caused the girl to cry just a bit harder. But as he landed on the ground and reached out to her, she could quickly see that leaving her alone wasn't in his cards. And she was so eternally grateful for that. Slowly, Audie would force herself up off the branch, her wings coming to life as she flitted down to the Riolu. Carefully she would cradle Caliburn in her arm as she reached the ground, feet resting on it as she was too tired to hover like usual. "W-Where are we goin'?" She asked softly as she looked to Chase.(edited)

He reached for her as she approached the ground and guided her down, holding gently yet firmly onto one of her arms. "The innkeeper has provided us with rooms while we investigate the crime. It is not home, but there is at least a comfortable bed, and some peace and quiet." With that, Chase led her down the deserted street into town and all the way back to his room at the inn. WatermelonMudkip

Audie allowed herself to be led away from her tree, away from the forest, blindly following the hand grasped upon her arm. Once at the inn, Audie would sink into a chair, curling in on herself immediately. Tears flowed steadily from her eyes, even as Audie made futile attempts to wipe them away. Finally, she would look back up at Chase before looking back down at her lap and mumbling softly: "I-It's been a rough few weeks...." Captain-Coffee

Chase knew this all too well. He'd seen her walls break down the day he confronted her about avoiding him. He knew what she needed was a shoulder to cry on, and he was more than willing to provide. The Riolu grabbed some tissues before positioning himself beside the Yanma, placing an arm delicately around her. He would blot away her tears as he listened to anything she had to say or wanted to get off her chest. WatermelonMudkip

The arm was appreciated, the blotting less so, but Audie only trembled with shaky breaths as she sat there quietly. Finally, she would open her mouth. "The dragon, th-the dragon was in a-a... an' he told me, an' I-I... I broke down there at the side of the road... A-a-an' then th-that guy... h-he said he had b-better thin's to do th-then fight someone who couldn't... wh-who couldn't... who couldn't stand on her own two feet!" A rough few weeks indeed. Deep down, she knew she wasn't making a whole lot of sense. But all Audie could think to do was lean as far in on Chase as she could, without touching his aura feelers of course.  Captain-Coffee(edited)

Her broken recollections didn't make much sense to him, but he could feel her pain nonetheless. Chase assured her that she was very strong and brave for making it this far, and that they would be home soon enough. He held her until she exhausted herself from crying, then carried her from the chair to the bed so she could be more comfortable. Once again, he projected a calming aura to help her rest. Only after he was sure she was asleep did he allow himself a moment of respite. Chase took the chair for the night, keeping watch over her until he himself drifted to sleep. WatermelonMudkip
No Rest for the Weary (RP)

After being hurtled through time to the stone age and Medieval era, Chase and Audie aren't taking too well to Victorian times. They spend a quiet, depressed night together and hope for a better day.

Screenshot from chat:

Audie belongs to :iconwatermelonmudkip:
Medieval Misadventure

A return to medieval times - what sounded like a dream come true turned into a nightmare for Chase as he refused to serve the king in a venture that would cause harm to a dragon.

Thank you to :icondr-reggie: for providing Alex and coloring this page!

Here it is, the culmination of my best animation work over the past year!



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Once upon a time, a little girl picked up a crayon and drew a blob.

Now she draws blobs day in and day out with a fancy Wacom tablet.
So, I didn't get the internship at the Art Museum. But something fishy is going on - they've extended the deadline for applications until March 13th. Clearly this means they haven't found exactly what they are looking for in an intern. I spoke to my professor who gave me a recommendation for this position, and she encouraged me to reapply. 

One of my issues with my application was that I wasn't aware I needed to bring my portfolio to the interview. I had to run home and grab things haphazardly to show her. As a result of being so unprepared, I wasn't able to show all of my best, most pertinent work. Reapplying would give me the chance to show them the best of me. It would also show how proactive and dedicated I am. That's a tactic that works for some people - if you want a position bad enough, keep bothering them about it until they give you a chance.

It's not even that I want this particular internship that badly. I just want something. I don't want to get to my final semester and have nothing to show on my resume for work experience and look like a total loser. And I feel like I'm running out of time. I just have one more year left.

This brings me to my other issue. I've missed a lot of opportunities to apply for internships because of my stressful course load. My university recommends you only take 2 advanced studio courses at a time, 3 max, but I'm currently in 4, plus an advanced honors class. That's just how it worked out because I switched majors my first year. Most of the classes I took were electives, so they still count for my new major, but now I've run out of electives to take. All that's left is my advanced studio classes. And taking them all at once rather than spreading them out with electives mixed in is NOT a good idea.

I'm not able to put forth my best effort in any of my classes because of how much work I have to do. I'm not getting the most out of my education with all the stress I'm under. Not to mention my health is quickly deteriorating. Clearly I can't do this again for two more semesters. So my professor recommended that I slow down, spread out my classes and take another semester or two instead of trying to cram it all in.

I know my parents won't like this idea because my scholarships will run out after my 4th year and I'll be paying full price for my classes. But I think this sounds like the best thing I could do. Putting off my graduation would give me more time to work on things like building a great portfolio and applying for things. These are things I absolutely need to be doing that I am currently unable to do. Plus, I'm only 20, it's not like I'm in a big hurry to graduate. Taking an extra year would put me at the same age as the rest of my peers.

I'll be speaking with my parents and academic adviser about these issues. Spring break is coming up and I was looking forward to having time to breathe, but now it sounds like I'll be doing a lot of work. I have plenty of class projects to work on, a portfolio to build, and my reapplication at the art museum. I'll also be working 9-6:30 at my part time job for several days during the break. I'll be getting 3 full days off, which will probably be focused mostly on tackling those projects. So yeah, not much of a break.

I think I've talked enough so I'll end this here. Good luck to whatever hardships you guys are going through too.

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