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A Heartfelt Correspondence
Some of the text has been blotted out with what appears to be water stains.
My lord,
When I sat to write this, my quill rested beside blank parchment for quite some time. Betrayed by my very hand, which refuses to write what mine heart doth sing, I beseech thee to give me audience beneath the old oak tree at sunset on the night of the full moon. I pray that my tongue can translate what my hand cannot and make my true feelings known.
I anxiously await the moment when I shall be graced with your presence again.
Your dutiful servant,
Spring Thanksgiving season was coming to an end, and the night of his rendezvous with Tamas quickly approached. Chase was still having trouble organizing his thoughts in preparation for the meeting. He had so many things he needed to say, but finding the right words to express them was a true challenge. His morning chores around the ranch were distracted by thoughts fluttering in and out of his head like butterflies.
On his way back home he stopped and
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My first attempt at pixel art! His head came out kinda wonky but I like it for what it is. This was a good warm up, I'll be doing a lot of these for my animation class so expect more to come.
Song of the Sea

Tamas had his birthday while everyone was transformed into seafolk for April Fools! Chase is a Lanturn merman while Tamas is a cute selkie Spheal. Chase wanted to do something special for someone with a special place in his heart~ Luckily his violin survived the wrath of Kyogre so he could give Tamas a performance. Music and merryment all around~

I'm submitting this a day early because I'm going to be out of town on his actual birthday ;v;

Chase's moveset as a Lanturn:

Thunder Wave
Signal Beam

Tamas belongs to :iconkarma-strike:
Chase belongs to me



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Once upon a time, a little girl picked up a crayon and drew a blob.

Now she draws blobs day in and day out with a fancy Wacom tablet.
So, I didn't get the internship at the Art Museum. But something fishy is going on - they've extended the deadline for applications until March 13th. Clearly this means they haven't found exactly what they are looking for in an intern. I spoke to my professor who gave me a recommendation for this position, and she encouraged me to reapply. 

One of my issues with my application was that I wasn't aware I needed to bring my portfolio to the interview. I had to run home and grab things haphazardly to show her. As a result of being so unprepared, I wasn't able to show all of my best, most pertinent work. Reapplying would give me the chance to show them the best of me. It would also show how proactive and dedicated I am. That's a tactic that works for some people - if you want a position bad enough, keep bothering them about it until they give you a chance.

It's not even that I want this particular internship that badly. I just want something. I don't want to get to my final semester and have nothing to show on my resume for work experience and look like a total loser. And I feel like I'm running out of time. I just have one more year left.

This brings me to my other issue. I've missed a lot of opportunities to apply for internships because of my stressful course load. My university recommends you only take 2 advanced studio courses at a time, 3 max, but I'm currently in 4, plus an advanced honors class. That's just how it worked out because I switched majors my first year. Most of the classes I took were electives, so they still count for my new major, but now I've run out of electives to take. All that's left is my advanced studio classes. And taking them all at once rather than spreading them out with electives mixed in is NOT a good idea.

I'm not able to put forth my best effort in any of my classes because of how much work I have to do. I'm not getting the most out of my education with all the stress I'm under. Not to mention my health is quickly deteriorating. Clearly I can't do this again for two more semesters. So my professor recommended that I slow down, spread out my classes and take another semester or two instead of trying to cram it all in.

I know my parents won't like this idea because my scholarships will run out after my 4th year and I'll be paying full price for my classes. But I think this sounds like the best thing I could do. Putting off my graduation would give me more time to work on things like building a great portfolio and applying for things. These are things I absolutely need to be doing that I am currently unable to do. Plus, I'm only 20, it's not like I'm in a big hurry to graduate. Taking an extra year would put me at the same age as the rest of my peers.

I'll be speaking with my parents and academic adviser about these issues. Spring break is coming up and I was looking forward to having time to breathe, but now it sounds like I'll be doing a lot of work. I have plenty of class projects to work on, a portfolio to build, and my reapplication at the art museum. I'll also be working 9-6:30 at my part time job for several days during the break. I'll be getting 3 full days off, which will probably be focused mostly on tackling those projects. So yeah, not much of a break.

I think I've talked enough so I'll end this here. Good luck to whatever hardships you guys are going through too.

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aaaaaaa Coffee ;;7;; Is it okay for me to draw Chase again for a party on a swan boat (the tunnel of love, but more of a platonic party boat with many people!) 
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Yeah of course!! *throws at you Chase at the speed of light*
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